JAPAN BLUE co.,ltd.


Establishment June 1st, 2007


JAPANBLUE Co., Ltd. (“we,” “us” or “our”, hereafter) consider our use of the information collected from customers properly as our social responsibility. As defined below in our privacy policy, we use the personal information collected from our customers responsibly and make sure that the information is managed safely.


We have to handle personal information properly, Act on the Protection of Personal Information (am to below as the “law”.) Others will faithfully comply with the obligations stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations and guidelines for the protection of personal information. Personal information is information about individuals that survive to the provisions in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the law, it refers to those that can identify a specific individual, also the same as or less.


We identify as much as possible the purpose of use, with the exception of the case and should be treated as an exception by the case and the law was the consent of the advance person in question, will handle personal information only within the scope of its intended use. The person in question, refers to a specific individual identified by personal information, and the same or less.


We get at a reasonable means in obtaining personal information. Unless the purpose of use should be treated as an exception by law, and then the notification or publication in a pre-publication either promptly your identity after the acquisition. However, you can explicitly in advance if you want to get directly from the person in question in writing.


We endeavor to keep such personal data to accurate and updated within the scope of the purpose of use to handle, also to properly oversee the necessary, take appropriate measures employees and contractors for safety management. The personal data, refers to personal information that make up the personal information database, etc. (Law Article 2, Paragraph 2) prescribed by the law, Article 2, Paragraph 4, and then the same or less.


We except when it should be treated as an exception by law, we do not provide personal data to third parties without obtaining the consent of the person in question in advance.


We will according to the disclosure and correction and the like from the person in question on the basis of the personal data held on laws and regulations. The retained personal data, it will say the data as defined in Article 2 Section 5 law.


We quickly and appropriately and efforts to the complaints of the personal information from your identity to handle, will strive to establish internal systems for that purpose.


We will endeavor the proper internal audit to continuous improvement of the performed this protection policy for personal information handling.